Your Approach to Failure May be Holding You Back - Why You Should Fail Faster & Clean The Edges | Mat Ishbia

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Folks, this week, I’m re-sharing my conversation with United Wholesale Mortgage CEO, Mat Ishbia, in hopes it can provide you with the mindset shift you need to dominate the rest of the year and set yourself up for success in 2023.

So often I find I make elaborate plans to avoid failure. I can be afraid to make the decision to implement a big change or take a big risk to try to further myself because I'm afraid that something might go wrong – and then what will I do?
It had me thinking about when Mat shared that he believes in the idea of measuring once and cutting once. He doesn’t have any big regrets because he’s willing to try new things and fail quickly. If something doesn’t work, he’s not afraid to go back to what he used to do.
He's used that mindset (and many more he shares on the show) to grow UWM to 10,000 team members and the #1 Wholesale Mortgage Lender in the nation.

Enjoy the many golden nuggets from my conversation with Mat Ishbia and be sure to tune in next week to hear my latest conversation with former Michigan State linebacker, New York Jet, and entrepreneur, Taiwan Jones.
Enjoy the episode.
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