Secular Sexuality 08.46 11-25-2021 with Christy Powell, on location with Sinn Sage

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In the 3 and a half years since the ACA began production on Secular Sexuality we’ve had some incredible experiences. Like the time we had the world’s #1 legal escort and #1 phone sex operator in back to back weeks, or the time we recorded a live concert with Shelley Segal. Or the time a catholic guest walked off set 30 minutes into the interview. Good times all but none of them compare to the holiday magic of this years’ Thanksgiving episode, recorded entirely on set of a steamy Sinn Sage production. Watch this VERY SPECIAL episode where Christy interviews Sinn Sage and crew in between takes and catches as much of the action as YouTube will allow. It’s an early Christmas Miracle and a Sinnful delight on this week’s holiday SecX!

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