Talk Heathen 05.32 08-08-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Gayle Jordan

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Please join us today by welcoming our very own Objectivity Dan and special guest host Gayle Jordan with Recovering from Religion(RFR) that provides support, resources, community, and hope. First up we have Matt in MD that would like to discuss nationalist movements around the world that set a precedent for others to follow. These movements endorse one another and support each other financially. We can learn, observe, and see how these movements do not thrive. It helps to make the policy changes that are needed by allying with the folks who share our same objectives, regardless of their religion. Next we have Danny in CA who has some points about religion’s attempt to solve mental health issues and are sometimes even anti-medication. You are not alone with this. Mental health problems will not go away by praying them away or ignoring them. RFR provides peer support on the help line, online communities, and sources for evidence based therapies. Margaret from CO wants to know if RFR helps with being told as a child we are bad people that do things because of Satan.That is just the nature of what religion does and how it works. It is common and there are even folks who have discarded the religious beliefs, but still deal with the damage religion has caused. RFR is a good place to talk about this. It is not your fault that you were shown images of Jesus crucified. David in CA loves Jesus. He wants us to start taking responsibility for our actions and stop blaming our parents or religion. He knows people go to hell after they die because the Bible is 100% true. First off, trauma can be a lifelong debilitating thing and it is accurate to identify the cause as religion. If you believe this after 40 years, you have not looked and searched hard enough because the Bible is full of numerous inaccuracies. J.L.Y. from the UK wants to talk about God's relationship with man after creation. Christianity can’t be a religion because religions all require something. He claims this is all about redemption. If you have to do something to get somewhere, then that is a requirement. Christianity is not exempt from being a religion by pretending there is nothing that we must do. Ahmad from OH would like to talk about what a designer is because this is the main issue between believers and atheists. Organic matter decays so there must be an origin. The problem with this, is there is nothing to contrast design within nature. There is no point of reference that can be used. Terry from Canada claims that the seven day cycle proves Jesus is God. The religious account of world events is not necessarily true by what is demonstrated by scientific facts. There are groups of people on earth that do not use the seven day calendar and the seven this is not evidence for Jesus being god. Thank you for tuning heathens and theists and please join us next week!

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