Talk Heathen 05.48 11-28-2021 with JMike and Matt Dillahunty

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In today’s episode of the Talk Heathen, our host JMike is joined by Matt Dillahunty who is eager and ready for theist calls. Our first caller, Cambo in IA, has an opinion on one party rule being a problem with communism, not atheism as Christians tend to believe. First of all, communism is not morally bad and secondly, atheism does not lead to communism. Outside of regimes where religion is banned and the state is the official religion, communism is more of a boogeyman than anything else. Next is Kevin in NY who wants to discuss how biblical scholars have omitted information such as the authors borrowing from other sources. For instance, as one reads through Peter II and Jude, some of the verses fit together. That is just your opinion; where is the evidence? Thinking something is not justification for it being true. When you read a text, it can be interpreted a number of different ways. If somebody else uses a different method than you, and comes to a different conclusion, how do we know who is right? We are not interested in a book report but rather knowing if god is real. Next we have Leon in the UK who is thinking about the definition of agnosticism reflecting high level skepticism resulting in flip flopping on the god belief. Agnostic doesn't mean you waffle and this is not what is meant when academics use the term. Leon also does not want to donate his body after death because that would be the only part of him left and he wonders if on some level, he still believes in the afterlife. If you are dead, you are not going to know what happens to it. Would you donate a kidney to a sibling when you are alive? Tania in TX would like to know if the hosts or other atheists hold any supernatural beliefs. People come to her with problems because they think she is psychic. Put your foot down with these people and let them know you can’t attribute your ability to help to anything supernatural. We live our lives by inference and induction and that is how “intuition” is trained. ESP, a testable thing, has never been demonstrated to exist. Before we can worry about whether something is natural or not, we need to first learn if there is an effect. Atheists who claim these things have bad standards of evidence. What can be used to prove these things independent of the claims? Christina in LA was a Pentecostle who is now an atheist and calls herself an angel who has raised the dead and read minds when she would speak in tongues. Matt pulled a card from a deck and asked her what card it was. She guessed a black queen card but it was a nine of spades. Thank you viewers for tuning in today and thank you to the paramedics and front line workers. The variants are changing! Take care everybody!

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