The Atheist Experience 25.44 10-31-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and Jim Barrows

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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by Jim Barrows! First is Joey from the UK who asks if following God’s commands, even if they are immoral, for the sake of self-preservation is justified. This brings us back to the mafia boss analogy as acting differently than you would if not under threat in no way justifies the immoral behavior of the one holding a position of power. Next up is Carson from KS who worships and personifies nature. Other than because it seems appealing to do, why do this if as the caller claims, it's just atheism with some extra steps? Next is John from IN who is struggling to grieve the loss of a loved one without the comfort provided by religion. Next is Brandon from NJ who claims to have evidence of ghosts. Turns out the caller saw and heard a thing somewhere and determined that it was a Ghost. The caller also attempts to use the anomalies found in camera footage that could not be seen with the naked eye as support for the supernatural. Up next is Juan from Mexico who is a recent Atheist who still has lingering fears regarding promises they made to God when they still believed. The caller, who acknowledges the illogic in their position, is afraid that the God they no longer believe in may come knocking sometime later demanding the promises be fulfilled. Deconversion takes time, just keep reminding yourself that you do not believe and over time you’ll be able to more easily push these nagging fears aside. Next is Mike from TX who claims that physics proves that there is no objective reality and that therefore the universe has a mind. Next time don’t talk through Matt and you’ll be on the line longer. Next is Guy from GA who asserts that the Universe needs to be revered and respected as if it’s conscious and sentient, even though we have no evidence that it is. William from TX wants to know if Jesus understood what lust and adultery were? Thanks for the quick call. Next is Rich from PA who has a paranormal story where after a terrifying dream they ended up with physical marks on their back. They are wondering if there are any natural explanations for what happened.

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