The Atheist Experience 25.46 11-14-2021 with Kenneth Leonard and JMike

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Welcome back to another episode of The Atheist Experience. This week, Kenneth Leonard and JMike take AXP by force! Today’s first caller is “Leopold” from Canada who demands that the Atheist Experience apologizes for the harsh statements it has made against the Catholic Church in the past. Either engage with the hosts you are talking to and justify your position or call again after you think it back over. Next is Tim from TN who asks if someone who believes a God exists has the same burden of proof as someone who claims to know a God exists. It comes down to the much finer acceptances of claims. If they both accept that Jesus walked on water, superficial confidence levels aside, the implication itself requires an equal burden of proof from both parties. Up next is Alvin from NC claims that it is probable that the Bible is true. The caller mentions a number of improbable improbabilities and asserts them as evidence for their claim. They then site their webpage, which apparently finds mathematic patterns in random bible verses, as a source of evidence that the bible was intelligently woven together by math. Mr. Warlight returns from earlier to define spirituality and explain why it’s important to have more of it. Just because something can’t be disproven, especially something we have no track record for its existence, doesn’t mean that it would be justified to accept it as a possibility. Next is Apollos from TX who claims that Atheists are inconsistent when evaluating arguments for the brain in a vat compared to arguments for Jesus’ resurrection.

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