The Atheist Experience 25.48 11-28-2021 with Matt Dillahunty and ObjectivelyDan

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In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty is joined by ObjectivelyDan. First up is Joel from AL who claims they have a philosophical argument that debunks materialism. Apparently there is something below subatomic particles that is spirit rather than material. Don’t have evidence to back that up, come back when you do. Next is Andrew from Thailand who believes that because Christianity can offer positive benefits to members or its ideology, that it should still be followed even if it doesn’t conform to reality. Once again the subjective issue of filtering out the bad and keeping the good comes into play, especially when those same moral positions can be reached via other non-christian belief systems. Up next is Jacob from AL who accepts creation as a part of deism. If you don’t have any evidence that draws the connection between human language and a god, then belief in that connection is unwarranted. Next is Setuf, le sigh...sure it is... from Spain who claims that Matt is irrational. Once again, the caller wants to moan about Matt’s position on abortion and his use of the violinist analogy. Go away. Marlon from the Philippines is back with some sweet new claims. Animals doing cool things is proof of god, somehow. Do we ever find out how? Find out next time on “Storytime With Marlon.” Next is Kevin from NY who wants to know what the problem is with the second premise of the Kalam? The Kalam has two premises that both need to be demonstrated to be true, and even once that’s happened, it still doesn’t support the existence of a God. Next is Billy from the UK who feels that many conversations between atheists and theists get derailed by the atheist’s focus on the definition of God. Having a clear definition for the specific god being talked about is important so that the conversation stays relevant to the actual beliefs being discussed. Next is Phil from HI who asks our hosts if modern magicians can replicate the magic used in the biblical stories. While there are tricks that can replicate the illusion, there isn’t any reason to believe that there are any magicians actually using magic to do those tricks. Michael from TN is up next and claims that DMT and its common experiences among users is evidence of experiencing another reality. Our final caller is Tomas from CA who wants to know how Christianity managed to become as influential as it has throughout history, from when it first emerged through today.

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