The Non-Prophets 20.40 2021-10-03 Laura Magee, ExXtianErin, Jena Miyu, and Nate Smith

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The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.40 airing Sunday, October 3rd featuring Laura Magee, Jena Miyu, Nate Smith, and ExXtianErin. Summary - On this week’s episode ExXtianErin joins Laura, Jena and Nate for ninety minutes of impressions, laffs and outrage over Kenneth Copeland, One Angry Mom, more news over abortion in Texas and how being non-religious may be good for you! Article Links Here - Segment 1: [SHIT INTERNET APOLOGISTS SAY] Mom against birth control ad Friendly Atheist, By Hemant Mehta 24 Sept. 2021 Angry Christian Mom Boycotts Phexxi Birth Control Ad Due To “Sexual Perversion” VICE, By Jelisa Castrodale 18 Dec 2020 Everything 'One Million Moms' Wanted to Call the Manager About in 2020 Segment 2: Texas Abortion in the bible? salon, By Nathaniel Manderson 18 Sept. 2021 Evangelical theology is what made the Texas abortion outrage possible The Women’s, Abortion; the myths Politico Magazine, By Randall Balmer 27 May 2014 The Real Origins of the Religious Right Segment 3:Kenneth Copeland needs a new plane HuffPost, By Ed Mazza 23 Sept 2021 Right-Wing Preacher Cooks Up The Most Bonkers Plea Yet For A Private Jet CHURCH LEADERS, By Dale Chamberlain 24 Sept. 2021 Jesse Duplantis Claims Donations Can Speed the Return of Christ The Young Turks, 23 Sept. 2021 Televangelist: Jesus Hates Vaccines, Loves Private Jets Friendly Atheist, By Hemant Mehta 23 Sept. 2021 Your Favorite Scamvangelists Are Bragging About Their Private Jets Again Segment 4: Being ‘godless’ might be good for your health, new study finds

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