The Non-Prophets 20.46 11-14-2021 with Cynthia McDonald, Richard Gilliver, and Arden Hart

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Episode Title: When Money Masters and Ball Players Don’t Play Fair, The Non-Prophets 20.46 The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.46 airing Sunday, November 14th featuring Cynthia McDonald, Richard Gilliver and Arden Hart This week on The Non-Prophets, Cynthia, Richard and Arden talk about Aaron Rodgers and his “homeopathic” vaccine substitute along with Kyrie Irving and his NBA anti-vaxxers. Following that discussion, news of Christian radio host Doc Gallagher’s 3 life prison terms for conning his listeners out of millions of dollars. The religious right is shamelessly crowing about how they won the Virginia governor’s race by sowing fear of trans people, and the dreaded scourge: CRT (which they can’t seem to define). Articles Discussed Segment 1 [4:27]: How the Anti-Vax Ball Bounces Main Article: “Packers’ QB Homeopathic Vaccine Solution” Additional Reference: “Kyrie Irving and NBA Anti-Vaxxers” “Prevea Health Drops Partnership with Rodgers” Segment 2 [36:40]: Another Apologist Bites the Dust Main Article: “Christian Radio Host Goes to Prison” Segment 3 [57:40]: Religious Right & Nasty Politics Main Articles: “Transphobia from Religious Right in Virginia” “How ‘Dumb’ Our Politics Has Gotten” Additional Reference: Opinion: The Pres. is Racist and Biblical

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