The Non-Prophets 20.48 11-28-2021 Cynthia McDonald, The Afro Humanist, Jena Miyu, and Malty

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This week on The Non-Prophets, Cynthia, Jena and Malty welcome a new guest to the show, The Afro Humanist, on a series of topical news from the motherland where the state of Nigeria open delegations with Egypt to combat religious extremism. At the top of the show, we have an NP Update on Ex-Bishop Novell. He has found new employment.. as a “farmer” of sorts. Eyewitness accounts surface about the tragic slayings of cult parishioners following the death of a cultist leader from Jamaica. In the final segment, there is a “Step in the Right Direction” as a fraudulent church is forced to pay back FEMA money after making false claims following Hurricane Katrina. Articles Discussed Segment 1 [10:31]: Looking Back: “Ex-Bishop Exports Pig Semen.. Oh My!” Main Article: “Ex-Bishop Finds New Job” Additional References: “Spanish Bishop Quits for Erotica Writer” “Cardinal Pleads for Bishop’s Privacy” NP CLIP: from Segment #2 of The Non-Prophets, Episode 20.39 “Ex-bishop in love with a colorful sinner” Segment 2 [41:18]: “Religious Tolerance to Fight Extremism” Main Article: “Nigeria, Egypt Attempt to Fight Extremism” Additional References: “Islam: Religion of Violence” “Complicated Conflict in Nigeria” “Impact of Shari’a Law on non-Muslims” “Nigerian Singer’s Death Sentence” Segment 3 [1:07:00]: “Because the Cultist Pastor Said So” Main Article: “Cultist Pastor Demands Beheading of Woman” Additional References: “Cult Leader Dies in Car Crash” “Shun Religious Cults and Leaders” Segment 4 [1:22:45]: Step in the Right Direction: “Pay Back for Your Sins” Main Article: “Archdiocese Pays for False Katrina Claims” Additional References: “Fraudulent Churches in the US”

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