Truth Wanted 04.30 08-06-2021 with Puck and Martin Robert

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In today’s episode of the Truth Wanted! P*ck is hosting alongside Martin Robert, an ACA Volunteer. Kelley in Michigan attempted to test the devil to prove God’s existence. Did it work? The devil’s in the details and the details aren’t there. Next is James in Texas to discuss the misinformation surrounding vaccines. The unfortunate reality is that the facts are available but refusal to accept them is a symptom of a much larger problem. Spicoli in Florida continues the conversation on vaccines, feeling frustrated by his colleagues who are hesitant to get the jab. We just have to keep having these conversations and fighting the good fight. Deborah in Oregon is a former theist who realizes she never needed religion to find community. While we agree that churches can provide a good place to find friends, you shouldn’t have to hold religious values to develop genuine relationships. John in Virginia feels the frustration of having anti-vax parents. These situations can be sticky and the best you can do is vaccinate yourself and keep having productive conversations about the facts surrounding vaccines. Tapia in Minnesota has a loaded question: does Christianity have roots in racism? We have reason to believe that it does. This is one of the many problems surrounding America’s favorite religion. And last we’ve got Jordan in California who’s curious about the difference between religious and non-religious beliefs. If it relates to a deity, it’s religious! That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host and remember to always keep wanting the truth!

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