Truth Wanted 04.38 10-01-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Apostate Prophet

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In today’s episode of Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is hosting with Apostate Prophet. Welcome to the show! First up is Barrie in New Zealand who feels awkward criticizing beliefs within politically oppressed groups. While we think it is important to maintain respect for others, we also think it is worth speaking up when a certain ideology is harmful. Next in the calls is Allen in California who has taken a revisionist approach to Christianity, believing that it is the religion of atheists. Although your theological take is interesting, we prefer evidence over interpretation. Anthony from North Carolina is attempting to navigate conversations about the supernatural with friends in the most productive way. Try using street epistemology techniques and don’t expect to change anyone’s mind in one conversation. Up next is James in the UK who thinks perhaps western culture has gone too far in encouraging a lack of religion when it often provides community and comfort. While it is true that religion has given comfort to many, we hope to see more communities embracing secular humanism and encouraging individualism. Lauren in Arizona was once involved with a cult that made her believe that symptoms of her neurological illness were supernaturally related. She wonders how many other people are ignoring their mental health for the sake of religion. Great discussion, Lauren! That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host, Apostate Prophet for bringing your perspective to these important discussions. Remember to always keep wanting the truth. See you next week!

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