Truth Wanted 04.39 10-08-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Dan Beecher

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In today’s episode of Truth Wanted! Objectively Dan is joined by Dan Beecher from the “Thank God I’m An Atheist” Podcast. Welcome to the show, Dan! First up in the calls is Cononthebarber in the UK to discuss sentientism, the belief that all sentient beings deserve moral consideration, not limited to aliens or-in some cases- even plants. But where do we draw the line? This is a much needed moral conversation, so thanks for the call! Next we’ve got Mark in Oregon with a question for (not objectively) Dan; Do Mormons believe in aliens? They’ve got quite the interesting space theology, according to our co-host. Planets, gods and aliens, OH MY! Colson in Texas has a brother who is hesitant about getting the vaccine. He wants to encourage him to get it but doesn’t know the best way to go about having the difficult conversation. This is such an important issue, and you have every right to bring it up with unvaccinated family members. Stay calm and ask a lot of questions along the way. Good luck, Colson! Donny J in Canada is getting ready for a trip back to his homeland but is concerned about visiting his mother because she is unvaccinated, and doesn’t even want to have a conversation about it. Although this is an important topic, we can’t expect to change anyone’s mind. We just have to continue asking the hard questions and steering the conversation in a positive direction. That wraps up tonight’s show. Thank you so much to our co-host, Dan Beecher for bringing your perspective to these important discussions. Remember to always keep wanting the truth. See you next week!

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