Truth Wanted 04.42 10-29-2021 with ExXtian Erin and Trevor Poelman

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Hello Truth-Seekers and welcome to another episode of Truth Wanted. This week ExXtian Erin is joined by Trevor Poelman of the Belief it or Not podcast. Liam is our first caller, and wants to talk about premonitions that he’s noticed since deconverting. Erin points out that coincidence and the human tendency to see patterns are more likely than clairvoyance. Pareidolia is a thing and Liam seems to agree. Stay curious, friend! Next up is Queer Atheist from Illinois, who recently had his dirty, dirty chakra cleaned at work. He’s also been turned down for dates because of his astrological sign, and wants our hosts to opine about how to gently push back on such nonsense. Liam points out that promoting personal beliefs in the workplace is inappropriate, whether it be theology or astrology. No -ologies allowed folks! Erin offers tips on how to politely set boundaries, and our caller makes clear that a clean carpet is better than a clean chakra. Keeping the woo theme going is Kennita, who’s been offered Reiki massage by someone close to her, and while she appreciates the massage, the magic crystals are a bridge too far. How best to be honest? Erin points out that touch therapy and human contact is valuable and doesn’t rely on discredited claims. Both hosts agree that the placebo effect of pseudoscience is harmless until folks prefer it to actual medical care! David from WA wants to know whether our hosts think morality is subjective or objective. Erin thinks goals are key to determining what’s right and wrong, and like a typical Canadian, Trevor just likes being nice to people. Our spidey senses go off when anyone brings up Adolf Hitler and slavery in a conversation about morality, and our hosts quickly identify and deconstruct a weak apologist argument for why we ought to listen to an invisible sky daddy. That’s our show this week! Join us this Sunday after The Atheist Experience for a very special episode of Truth Wanted, live from a haunted hotel room!

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