Truth Wanted 04.43 10-31-2021 Live from the Driskill Hotel with ObjectivelyDan, ExXtian Erin, and Puck

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First up tonight is Connell from FL who doesn’t want to break his dad’s heart with his Atheism and wants advice on what to say so as not to hurt him. Next is Frank from IL who has a detailed sleep paralysis/lucid dream story and explains how they go about testing whether they are dreaming or if they are awake. Next is Micha from WA who is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the supernatural or ghosts. Despite being unconvinced, they continue investigating in the hopes of uncovering something incredible, specifically regarding an afterlife. Next is Zach from HI who explains his story of nearly hitting what he and others believed to be an evil demon pig. Now, after careful thought, the caller no longer believes that it is a spirit trying to kill him, but they still don’t have an explanation for what happened. Next up is Queer Atheist from IL who wants advice on how to deal with presup apologists and their circular scripts. Next is Joe from MI who has another story where they saw something spooky while they were riding a bike. Was it a Ghost or something sinister?

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