Truth Wanted 04.48 12-03-2021 with ObjectivelyDan and Anthony Magnabosco

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Hello Truth-Seekers and welcome to another episode of Truth Wanted. We have a special treat this week as Objectively Dan is joined by Anthony Magnabosco! We’ll kick it off with Aelora in Oregon, who is curious what Street Epistemology has to offer for someone with a mental health issue. Anthony thinks that by helping others, you help yourself, and practicing SE with others will ingrain the process into one’s own introspection. Both hosts agree that the process is not a therapy method and urge caution, but encourage the pursuit of truth as a path to wellbeing. We wish you a healthy recovery Aelora! Second we have Barrie in New Zealand, who wants to talk about how applicable the process of SE can be to other facets of life, in schools, with street preachers, and especially with followers of a particular zealous church in NZ. Anthony recommends steering away from contentious issues in the interest of building trust. Be a mirror, ask questions, and let your interlocutor reveal why they believe what they believe in a long form conversation. Jake in Texas wants to talk to his father about political views. Anthony wants Jake to take a broader approach, asking questions like “When was the last time you changed your mind” instead of getting into social issues. Dan points out that the goal of SE should never be to change someone’s mind in a single conversation. We’re planting seeds here Jake, especially with family. Next we have Philipp in Germany who wants to know if there’s a point where a person becomes unreachable. Dan thinks assuming a person can’t change their mind isn’t constructive, and reminds us that people can surprise you. Anthony asks Philipp to try roleplay, ask the people in your life that think others can’t be reached to steelman those people. Get some practice in! Queer Atheist asks if “new atheism” and big names like Dawkins and Harris are harming the movement. Dan refutes the idea that a handful of people can represent such a wide demographic, and reminds us that getting atheists to agree on anything is like herding cats. Atheism is just a response to one claim, people can be wrong on plenty of other things. Anthony agrees that big names have played a role in bringing atheists to the forefront and removing stigma, but outdated views can’t speak for the ever-evolving zeitgeist of the 21st century. That’s a wrap folks, stay safe, ask questions, and think for yourselves! See you next week!

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