A Slow Food Experience

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#070 Today is Wednesday, time for a little wellness boost - a shortened episode to keep your Warrior Vibe high.

In this episode, Kathy shares a memorable example of what can happen when elements like a meal, conversation and the outdoors come together like poetry.

She likens the experience of a dinner hosted by Outstanding in the Field to a nature-inspired, culinary creation. The long table arrangements become living art, set on farms, orchards, gardens, docks, meadows, vineyards, seashores, rooftops and mountaintops. A one-of-a-kind composition with an element of surprise, a reveal. Add the magical element of light with a perfectly placed sunset and moonrise.

There’s something special about enjoying an experience knowing that it’s impermanent. That as the diners head home, the very setting that was co-created between nature and human, is being packed up and a brand new experience is in the making for the next gathering in a new town.


Outstanding in the Field – website

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