Ayurveda, Yoga and the Art of Being with Joe Rich and Victor Briere, A.D.

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#057 I’m joined today by Victor Briere and Joe Rich, co-founders of the International Institute of Ayurveda, which is both a clinic and an academy, offering clients and students ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling.

You may remember Victor, who is an Ayurvedic doctor, from episodes 39 and 40, where we discussed his in-depth, individualized consultations aimed at identifying the underlying root causes of wellness imbalances and support to restore the body to health and he emphasizes the importance of lifestyle and dietary balance.

Joe is a long-time practitioner and teacher of Kundalini yoga, has a degree in healthcare management, a background in counseling emotionally disturbed inner-city teens, running group homes for at-risk youths, and working as an epidemiologist for the CDC. His goal is to assist people in applying “consciousness” in everyday life and transforming the love of power into the power of kindness.

We cover a range of topics including:

  • The interconnectivity between Ayurveda and yoga
  • The role of meditation in connecting with our inner wisdom
  • The role intuition and surrender play in our wellness
  • The concept of “we’re all one

We end this episode with Joe sharing what’s lighting him up these days, including an offer he’s extending to the listeners of this podcast.


International Institute of Ayurveda


Ayurveda: Art of Being documentary

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