How Creative Flow Enhances Well-being

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#065 What do you think about when you hear the word creativity? Maybe it's art, or music, or dance? And while creating art has been shown to promote psychological, physical and emotional health, the creativity we'll be talking about today is broader. It's the ability to think and act differently by asking questions, making observations, experimenting, or connecting disparate concepts to make something new, something better.

And the deeper we go with anything – a business, a partnership, a writing project, nature – the more the stage is set to enter creative flow.

Today we'll explore how to build your creative capacity in all aspects of your life and encourage creative flow. We'll cover:

  • What creativity and creative capacity are and why they're beneficial to your well-being;
  • What happens when you enter the state of creative flow; and
  • How to encourage creative flow in your everyday activities.

By inviting creativity and flow into the everyday, our activities, even our work and chores, become more fun and engaging. Challenges become problem-solving opportunities and our activities bring a sense of newness and aliveness as we connect with the deeper currents in our lives.


The Power of Creative Capacity – Interlochen Center for the Arts

Book – Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

TED Talk - Mihaly Csikszentmilhalyi

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