Photographer as Healer with Don Hajicek

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#043. Today’s guest has found a unique way to help women reclaim their power. Photographer Don Hajicek has created a transformative experience of Being Seen through the lens of his camera. And through this process, not only do his clients experience healing and wholeness, he, too, is experiences positive change and becomes, in his words, “a better ally and a better man.”

He has spoken with thousands of women at global retreats and has worked one on one with more than 700 women in the US, Europe and Australia. As you’ll soon hear, Don is thoughtful and gentle as he shares insights and stories of profound change and growth.

We cover a range of topics including:

· How Don discovered the healing properties of photography

· Why we hide parts of ourselves and its impact

· How a Being Seen photo session unfolds

· What happens when the hidden is allowed to be expressed

We end this episode with our Dose of Inspiration segment, where Don shares some of the things that are lighting him up these days. And as always, I’ll put links to those items and Don’s website, Tribe of Diamonds, in the show notes along with his offer for free access to his Diamond Facets Playbook for you to access and discover how you’re showing up, and how you’re hiding, in the world.


David Whyte’s website

What to Remember When Waking – David Whyte

Consolations – David Whyte

Tracks – Movie Trailer

Wild – Cheryl Strayed

Tribe of Diamonds website

Don’s email:

Access to the free Diamond Facets Playbook

Don’s website/travel schedule

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