Seeking the Self Through Story with Sam Thiara

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#063 Our guest today, Sam Thiara, is a global citizen. He was born in the UK, raised in Canada by parents who were born in Fiji and a grandfather born in India, which sent him on a journey to find himself through story.

Sam is an educator, storyteller and youth career coach, who helps his students through their personal and professional development with transformational practices. He’s also the author of a memoir that chronicles the search for his ancestral roots.

We cover a range of topics including:

  • A practical approach for finding purpose
  • How to work with questions to explore who you are
  • Connecting with your inner voice
  • What it was like to travel to his grandfather’s village and write his memoir

We end this episode with our Dose of Inspiration segment, where Sam shares some of the things that are lighting him up these days. Links to those items, Sam's website and to his book, Lost and Found, Seeking the Past and Finding Myself, are below.

Whether you’re a writer or not, you’re living your story each day. As Sam likes to say, “Everyone’s life is an autobiography. Make yours worth reading.”


Website: Sam Thiara

Book: Sam Thiara

Book: Every Conversation Counts

Book: A Story of Karma

Book: The Storyteller’s Secret

Movie: To Sir With Love
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