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#079 Today’s show is about empowerment. It revolves around the idea that we can take positive action to increase our health and well-being, which, in turn, leads to living and aging vibrantly.

Our guest today, Dr. Leslie Kasanoff, is a holistic health practitioner. Her experience includes more than two decades as a chiropractor. Prior to that, she spent 10 years as a medical laboratory scientist. Most recently, Dr. Leslie has combined her vast experience and expertise to focus on health coaching and consulting, providing drugless solutions for women’s health and wellness challenges.

Dr. Leslie follows her own good advice. She eats a whole food, plant-based diet, gets most of her exercise through activities she loves, like riding her bike, and loves learning new things and taking on new challenges.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How we can encourage the body’s optimal state of self-healing;
  • Why some women feel the impact of menopause and how to ease symptoms;
  • The importance of good gut health;
  • The microbiome’s role in keeping our immune system functioning well; and
  • What we can do to age with vitality.

We end this episode with our Dose of Inspiration segment, where Dr. Leslie shares some of the things that are lighting her up these days. Dr. Leslie also shares a free offer for the listeners of the podcast at the end of the episode.


Dr. Leslie’s website

Dr. Leslie’s Facebook group – Vibrant Health Over 40

Dr.LeslieK – Instagram

Free offer: Text wellness to 41259

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