Mina Abouzahra over One Square Meter Berber Paper

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Onlangs sprak collega Reny van der Kamp Mina Abouzahra over One Square Meter Berber Paper, de door haar geïnitieerde publicatie waarin de verhalen van de ambachtsvrouwen achter Berber-tapijten verteld worden. Luister het interview hier terug. Over One Square Meter Berber Paper: A contemporary tale for makers, designers and consumers. Made for people who care, by people who care. Stories and crafts of everyday life are translated into designs that blossom into new ownership. A search for consumerism in a fresh, sustainable, meaningful and fair way. Acknowledging origins and re-evaluating the significance of resources and crafts, the project celebrates the art of the female weavers and raises awareness of their plight within the Berber rug industry. Founded by creative Mina Abouzahra, One Square Meter Berber is a collaborative art project between four cooperatives of Amazigh female weavers and Dutch designers Bertjan Pot, Wieki Somers, Amie Dicke and Mattijs van Bergen. Bestel One Square Meter Berber Paper hier: https://www.athenaeum.nl/boek/?authortitle=magazine/one-square-meter-paper--9789090351339

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