Audio-Only version: The Good Future Film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard (2021)

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*AUDIO-ONLY VERSION* of "The Good Future" film The future is not something that just happens to us - it is something we create every single day, by action or by inaction. Whether the future is good or bad is entirely up to us. As we see the future, so we act, as we act so we become! * Watch the full film on YT: * For more details on this film, extra content, topic-links to all the memes and info-graphics used, audio / video downloads and much more please visit * As a Futurist and Keynote Speaker I talk to many people from all over the world and from all walks of life. In the past few years I have observed the increased adoption of a rather negative view of the future - and not just because of the recent pandemic. People often cite urgent climate change issues, rising populism, the explosion of fake news, the threats of automation and fear of technological unemployment, out-of-control artificial intelligence and vexing inequality trends as proof that the future is going to be bad, and that we are right to be afraid of it. And of course, Netflix, Hollywood et al are usually pointing us in the same direction: dystopia and doom is certain! Yet nothing could be further from the truth - not only is the present already better than the past (even with the woes of the pandemic), the FUTURE has strong potential to be even better! The 'only' challenge is that while we will likely have all the tools (science and technology) within a decade, we must also have the TELOS i.e. the will, the purpose and the wisdom. In other words, it will come down to our ethics and values, to global collaboration and to a collective definition of what kind of future we want (rather than what future we can have), and a collective consensus on how we can best achieve it. And yes, I strongly believe that humans are capable of such collaboration, that we are kind rather than evil, in principle, and that we are capable of making the right choices. “The Good Future” film is meant as an introduction to what will become the dominant focus of my work, going forward: What would a Good Future look like, and what can we do right here and now to bring it about? I am presenting this film as a mere opener on these often complex topics, fully aware that I am only grazing the surface of each issue - but rest assured that the details will follow: Continuing with the themes from my last book “Technology vs Humanity”, I am rolling out a new series of speaking topics on the “Good Future” (such as new talks on decarbonization and sustainability, capitalism, technology regulation and social media), I am working on a new ‘Handbook for the Good Future’, and I am looking at producing a Good Future feature film or TV series, in addition to launching a new web-tv show on the Good Future. ------- MUSIC (via MusicBed) Nations by Ryan Taubert (00’00 - 00’53) Futures by Roary (00’54 - 01’31) Beggars instrumental by Boundary Run (01’29 - 02’08) (11’29 - 12’03) (12’22 - 12’53) Survive by Watermark High (02’08 - 04’15) Roots by Bytheway-May (04’12 - 06’46) Overlook by Roary (06’43 - 09’16) Heights by Ryan Taubert (09’08 - 11’33) What does it sound like by Without Words (12’03 - 12’24)

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