APJ’s “Talking Property” with Johnny Woodhouse

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  • IN this latest episode of Australian Property Journal's Talking Property, Nelson Yap talks to Johnny Woodhouse, State Director Victoria at MaxCap Group, on interest rates and the outlook on the development and lending markets.

    • Residential development and unit sales have been subdued, but the reopening of borders has seen a return to apartments, reversing the COVID “escape from the city” trend, what is the new normal?
    • Construction facing rising costs, how does that impact rise and fall contracts and traditional funding structures? How do developers and builders manage the headwinds?
    • Despite the collapse of Probuild, the emergence of Roberts Co shows market fundamentals still stack up.
    • Return to work and flight to quality, lower grade office rents now asking below market rates meaning owners almost need to reposition. But traditional banks don’t want to take on leasing risks, how is the non-bank lending sector stepping in?
    • Build-to-rent, opportunities in the mid-market space.
    • More demand for mixed-use developments and air rights, with large sites in short supply, developers are following in the footsteps of Vicinity Centres and Coles to develop high rises above shopping centres as well as railway stations.
    • Social and affordable housing, and Specialist Disability Accommodation (NDIS) opportunities for developers and financiers.

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