461# How Do You Get 150 Million Downloads? Lee Rankinen

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This episode is about two guys creating a podcast network without original content. Curious? I was... it is genius :)

Lee Rankinen is a Co-Founder (with Justin Malik) of Optimal Living Daily and self-proclaimed professional reader, who spends hours every day trying to find the best content for narration on OLD's 6 different shows. Justin and Lee met at Pepperdine University and started their first business a few years later before deciding to create the Optimal Living Daily podcast.

The #1 Mens Development Podcast for Tales & Tactics To Thrive! Watch Adam's "Awaken Your Alpha" TEDx Talk here: www.bit.ly/TEDxALW

The podcast is a bestselling book: www.AYAlpha.com/book

Get all the resources from each shows spotlighted guest, get your support and your questions answered. Connect across social media @AwakenYourAlpha @AdamLewisWalker to join the conversation.

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