470# You Can't Earn Your Way To Wealth - Financial Lesson's for Teens (&Us!) Chris Farrell

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This episode is about becoming financially smart early! Chris Farrell is recognized and known as one of the most in-demand speakers in the world on the subject matter of business growth and marketing. He is the co-founder of FUNancial freedom -empowering children and teens to lead extraordinary lives. Chris is also is the co-founder of SAM Ted Talks for Entrepreneurs and the co-author of Re-Think Money for Children and Teens. We talk about how parents can support their kids and teens in learning about money. Ways teens and kids can make more, save more, invest more and how all of this can positively impact our kid’s autonomy and identity. Chris’ aim at FUNancial is to empower children & teens to lead extraordinary lives by teaching them to become financially smart, while also giving back and helping others.

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