#97: Comic-Con News & a Spoiler-Filled Discussion of the Deeper Meaning Within 'Nope'

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For episode number ninety seven, I’m joined, as always, by Myles Hughes. This time around, Myles and I are talking a lot about Nope (my review of which is here), especially the ending. We keep it to the end of the episode, but there are spoilers there, so be warned. There's also some discussion centered around San Diego Comic-Con, in particular the Marvel news. Plus, some chatter about The Gray Man (my review is here), along with, as always, several distractions and sidetracked conversations, just like you like...

As always my friends and faithful listeners/readers, I do hope you all enjoy the latest episode of the Awards Radar Podcast, our ninety-seventh one to date (only three more to 100, so go here and tell us what we should do to celebrate!). Of course, feel free to revisit the previous installments by clicking the Podcast tab (here) on the top of the page. Plus, listen to us on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Spotify, and other platforms. More to come each and every single week, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for listening!

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