#106 - April 2021 Part 2

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The Discussion:

  • The ‘Wiltshire Audio Anomaly’
  • 20% off the book Vera Rubin – A Life for US listeners using url: hup.harvard.edu/exhibits/HX7578
  • @StargazerRob’s alternative astrophotographer of the year award
  • Listeners’ emails

The News:

  • April Fools research papers
  • Commemorating 60 years since Yuri Gagarin’s 1st Spaceflight
  • An update on @NASA’s Mars Ingenuity copter
  • Rounding up @SpaceX’s metal toilet roll tube developments & explosions
  • NASA’s Artemis program update and presidential priorities for NASA
  • Cluttered & congested orbits leading to satellite collisions

Moons of the Solar System: Our show segment exploring the discovery, exploration and our knowledge of the solar system’s moons. And we move onto Jupiter’s 75 less fashionable moons.

Q&A: ‘How are satellite licences awarded and by who? And can/should they make requirements of companies to make them responsible for their space junk and their impact on ground based astronomy?’ From our good friend Matt Rayment in London, UK.

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