Evelyn Shaw Corley - Tutoring from Home - Thrive International Academy

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Evelyn Shaw Corley is the founder of Thrive International Academy. Her company provides access to customized 1:1 homeschooling.

I met Evelyn at a Meta conference in Washington DC. I loved her passion for education, and I love solutions her tutoring business provides. She's able to link up unique people from all over the world to really enhance your child's understanding of a topic.

Among topics covered and under Evelyn's passions!

1) neurodiversity and dads advocating for their kiddos

2) teaching dads how to rock the Individualized Education Plan

3) why every young adult (and adults!!) need a mentor

4) my book- The Awakened Teacher: Bold Truths and Bold Beauty

5) Winning Meta’s Changemaker Award, teaching in the Metaverse

6) our interconnected world and cyber safety, digital footprint


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