April 23, 2022 ”Ezra, pt. 1 - We’re Back! What happens now?” - Pastor Tara VinCross

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The people of God in exile. We are probably divided on our experience of this word – exile. For some of us, we don’t really know what that word means. I mean we know what it means, but we don’t know what it really means...to be an exile. And for others of us, we know right away what it is to be on the outside. To have lost our sense of place, of belonging. Some of us have never known what it means to really belong. Have you ever felt like an exile?

This Sabbath, we begin a new sermon series Re[Build]: God's Promises, A Sure Foundation. In this series, we will journey through the Book of Ezra as the exiled people of God finding their way.

On Sabbath, April 23, Pastor Tara VinCross kicked-off this series with a message, “We’re Here, Now What?” You're invited to pray and reflect on Ezra 1 and 2 in preparation for the message. Come and dig deeper together in the word of God and find out what this means for our lives today.

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