Ep 186 | Creating A Remote Work Talent Destination: How Megan Bowen and Refine Labs Grew From 6 to 100 Teammates In 3 Years

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Attracting great talent to your company can either be the biggest bottle neck or the greatest force multiplier for the growth of your business, and the Great Resignation threw a wrench into the proven playbooks for it.
But massive changes in the ecosystem create massive opportunities for innovation.
That's why understanding how Refine Labs built a new playbook for growth through talent acquisition could change your business forever.
Megan Bowen, partner and COO at Refine Labs, has been able to bring in over 100 people in under 3 years, and has LinkedIn talking about how working at her company is the new "Google".
In our conversation talked about:
- what the recipe for a talent destination is
- how people success, customer success, and client success work together to fuel growth
- why an innovative content strategy can, not just be great for marketing, but great for recruiting top talent
- and much more!
Don't miss your chance to pick the brain of the ultimate integrator of people and client success!
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