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What is Baby Boomers Radio? Baby Boomers Radio (BBR) is a monthly audio magazine designed for seniors looking for wholesome entertainment, valuable information, and a connection to the world. BBR is comprised of a collection of quality audio podcasts that cover an ever-growing number of topics – all relevant to the Baby Boomer generation. In fact, BBR content presented by baby boomers for baby boomers. Why Baby Boomers Radio? As the baby boomer generation shrinks, the American marketplace is losing interest in catering to their needs. BBR is filling the gap in providing quality, wholesome entertainment and information just for Boomers. From story-tellers and historians to gardeners and chefs, BBR provides the content Boomers want, when they want it...whenever that is! Who is the target audience? Baby Boomers, of course! BBR caters to adults anywhere in age from their late 50s and up! These folks are engaged in the world around them and have a thirst for knowledge and entertainment. They are also the wealthiest, most active, and have the most disposable income for food, apparel, and retirement programs. They’re not ready to stop learning or stop enjoying life. Our listeners are the people who have helped build America and have reached the age where they prefer wholesome and helpful programming that celebrates Baby Boomer status!

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