The Wuhan Lab - Mounting Questions of Covid19 Virus Escape

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A year and a half after a pandemic crippled Countries an killed more than 3 million people, more and more evidence the Chinese are blocking data of experiments called Gain of Function in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Was Covid19 an experiment, that leaked out of the lab that was routinely engaged in strengthening Corona Virus'? And experts say the denials by the Chinese are becoming increasingly unbelievable.
On Back Story Host Dana Lewis talks to Science writer Nicholas Wade, who has written a long essay arguing that the “lab leak” hypothesis is more plausible than the “natural origin” theory.
And, Gilles Demaneuf who is the co-organizer of a letter for 26 scientists from around the world has requesting a new investigation into the origins of covid and specifically demanding the WHO looks into the labs in Wuhan. Demaneuf is a data analyst from DRASTIC, an international team of scientists and analysts attempting to fill in the gaps on Covid's origins.

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