Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - July 05, 2020 - HR 3

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Ghislaine Maxwell arrested. Jeffrey Epstein's partner in crime taken into custody. Close friend of the Clintons and many powerful people, who must now be rather nervous. Will Ghislaine crack in jail? Will she cooperate? Will she survive? Sketching blackmail-ops as Beltway currency. Meanwhile, Golden MAGA Economy bouncing back bigly. Record 4.8 million new jobs in June. Let's Roll. President Trump defends the "unborn." Updates on Judge Sullivan's deadline. General Flynn and Brennan's Billions. Statues of Karl Marx. The turning point of Trump's Mount Rushmore speech. Fireworks under a full moon. American Kids. Diggy Liggy Lo. With Listener Calls & Music via Kenny Chesney and the Kershaw Brothers. Sacred Song from Suzy Bogguss. Wayfaring Stranger.

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