Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 10, 2020 - HR 3

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The Birth of ObamaGate. President Trump describes the "biggest political crime in American history." Says it goes right to the top. A seismic tweet from Trump today: "He got caught, OBAMAGATE." Has The Reckoning finally arrived? Our notes on the Coup Plot that has now officially failed. Mollie Hemingway outlines this stunning operation, a direct attack on the foundation of American governance. The reasons why Team Obama had to get rid of General Flynn. An avalanche for Judge Sullivan. Sidney Powell walks through the January 2017 timeline, says the scandal "absolutely" goes all the way up to President Obama. Devin Nunes adds powerful context on the inexcusably absent Original Flynn 302. Thoughts on Clapper and McMaster. More overwrought prose from Communist Brennan. Crowdstrike folds, ZERO Russian Collusion. MSM still in denial. We describe what to be expecting from the corrupt American Media. The dangers of getting so close to Deep State destruction. Vigilance Required. Shannon Bream says more Bombshells on the way. Meanwhile, Biden spirals. Hillary and Schumer push the Democratic Cheat Plan for 2020. The All Mail Ballot. Summarizing current Coronavirus status. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the final Beatles album. Let It Be. Get Back. Sky High. With Listener Calls & Music via Jigsaw, The Beatles and the Alexandrov Ensemble. Sacred Song from Hank Snow.

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