Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - May 17, 2020 - HR 2

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The Coup Plotters HAD to Take Down Trump. They always knew it was either gonna be him -- or them. A clearer picture emerging of the reasons behind the media frenzy of the past four years, as SpyGate now morphs into ObamaGate. It has been Deep State Desperation all along. They got caught. Now Judge Sullivan has jumped the shark in order to protect Barack Obama himself. Another "cherished institution" trampled asunder. Thomas Jefferson understood. The stakes could not be higher. The last gasps of The Resistance. Meanwhile, world-class weasel James Clapper says he won't testify until he gets "vaccinated" for Coronavirus. More woes for Joe Biden, uncovered as yet another unmasker of General Flynn. Nancy Pelosi unleashes a $3 Trillion boondoggle bill on Coronavirus, pushing the all-mail-ballot cheat strategy and offering checks for illegal aliens. Peter Navarro responds. The talented Kayleigh McEnany takes the reins as Trump's new Press Secretary. Plus, additional commentary on the unsustainable Coronavirus Lockdown. Governor Polis on the tightrope. Cases trending downward all across America. Blue State Tyrants showing everyone who they really are. Which was part of Trump's masterful shock absorber plan. Also, our vigorous celebration of National Dance Like A Chicken Day. Vogeltjesdans. Unbreak My Heart. Revolution. Jai Radha Madav. A moment of mindfulness. With Listener Calls & Music via The Beatles, AkroSonix, Deva Premal, De Electronica and Weezer.

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