Baby Driver & Rastamouse

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When it comes to onscreen violence there's nothing quite like a beheading to get the blood pumping. Whether it be in service of the story or the audiences blood lust, screenwriters have chosen time after time to lop off a character’s head, so this week sees us discussing the Top 5 Decapitations. Perhaps we missed one out, if so head on over to Twitter or any one of our channels to let us know.
BABY DRIVER (2017) is Edgar Wright's thrilling heist caper, set to a propulsive soundtrack which weaves its way through every beat of the movie, almost like a trailer but for 2 hours and nowhere near as awful as that implies. Baby is coerced into working as a getaway driver for crime boss Doc but as his final job looms, life becomes more complicated when a crew of dangerous criminals becomes entangled in his newly found romance with waiter Debora. Jamie Foxx provides genuine menace as the psychotic Bats whilst Jon Hamm's Buddy is a more nuanced villain, striking a paternal role with the tinnitus and trauma suffering Baby. Lily James is fine as the love interest, so too is Eiza Gonzalez as enthusiastic but meaningless character Darling which just leaves the remaining cast to talk about: Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey which is all a bit problematic to be honest, with both men being accused and investigated of sexual crimes. Actually, what we should talk about is the movie, which is an inventive and thrilling genre film musical, not a combination you see every day. DP Bill Pope ensures the whole thing looks incredible and the movie is witty and impeccably edited. Maybe the final act doesn't quite match the pure fun of the build-up, but this is bravura filmmaking that comes with the approval of all of the Bad Dads, for whatever that is worth. Nothing.
RASTAMOUSE is a stop-motion animated tv series which first aired on CBBC in January 2011. The series follows the adventures of the eponymous(e) rodent and his mystery solving bandmates Da Easy Crew, as they assist President Wensleydale and the orphans of Mouseland with whatever constitutes the latest emergency. This episode sees the town engulfed in a scam when legendary film director Spike Cheese turns up to shoot his latest movie but why does he need so many orphans and what is he doing with them all? Sadly of course Rastamouse was deported as part of the Windrush scandal back in 2018 so we won't hear his take on a complicated issue about race which emerges out of the existence of the show, which the Bad Dads attempt to muddle through. Does RASTAMOUSE represent a homogenisation of Black cultures and is it therefore fundamentally a bit racist? As ever we don't know so don't look to us for answers.
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