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Top 5 Pre or Post Kill or Injury one-liners (11:29)
Call Me By Your Name (34:12)
Baby Tv (01:04:32)
We begin this week’s show with a chat about the Top 5 Pre or Post Kill or Injury one-liners, a topic which baffled poor Dan with its complexity and caused one Bad Dad to lament that an interesting looking topic on paper does not always correspond to an interesting topic to talk about. Still, if terrible puns and worse impressions are your jam you might get a kick out of this week’s chat.
Our main feature is the 2017 Luca Guadagnino film CALL ME YOUR NAME, a coming-of-age story following 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalomet) and his awakening sexual relationship with American graduate student Oliver. Set somewhere in northern Italy in 1983, Oliver's secrecy over his homosexuality is mirrored in the Perlman families own cultural and religious identity as 'Jews of discretion' and as the burgeoning relationship heads towards its inevitable conclusion, Elio's father, in an almost movie stealing scene from Michael Stuhlbarg, demonstrates a model of loving and supporting parenting, completely accepting Elio's orientation and helping him to move onwards from his heartbreak. You do not have to be put off because the movie features long languid stretches of mood and place and the actors are switching from English to French to Italian and the mother is reading a 16th century German poem about unrequited love because everyone can enjoy a good peach masturbation scene. Also, Jewish queerness and the acceptance of your child’s sexual orientation are not often topics for movies so there's that too but be warned most of the Dads felt this was just a bit too slow and the movie skirts a line with the boyish Chalomet and the playing 24 but actually 30 Armie Hammer age difference being too much for some to tolerate. Oh, and Hammer is a cannibal in waiting too which is not great.
It should be noted that screentime for children under 2 years old is strongly discouraged by researchers and paediatricians due to its potentially adverse effects on behaviour and cognitive development. And with that disclaimer out of the way, BABY TV was certainly the first tv programme or channel my eldest ever watched so this week we settled down to chat about some of their terrible cheap looking flash style animations. HUNGRY HENRY is a Mexican cat who wears a neckerchief and sombrero and really needs to find a new restaurant since his local hosted by chef George never has his chosen order in stock. We are treated to a vague approximation of the production line in an almost charming segment that isn't quite the pinnacle of the Baby TV offering. No, that honour belongs to anthropomorphic easter eggs with small yellow legs and googly eyes known as EGGBIRDS, who will also feature in this week’s chat. With that kind of line-up why wouldn't you be listening in your droves?
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