The TRUE Lifetime Value of Your Customer

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Have you ever wondered how some business owners are able to grow their business without ever having to pay a dime in advertising? Well, the secret is in understanding the TRUE Lifetime Value of each and every customer you have and the potential for amazing sales!

You see, each customer is more than the $50 a month they pay you (or whatever your typical sale is). Customers that feel like they are given the royal treatment become your best ambassadors and will increase their value to you, well beyond the monthly service fee they pay.

What if I told you that a typical $50 a month client is worth 2 to 5 times their annual value to you? Possibly even up to 20 times over the next few years!

In this week’s podcast, I take a little deeper dive into this and help explain how you should be looking at the lifetime value of your customers and I'll walk through a little example to show you what I mean.

If interested, take a listen below where I walk through how Mrs. Jones might actually be worth $21,000 in 5 years vs just $3,000!


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