Radio Vid - July 2021

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NEW TO BALAMII - Each month Radio Vid month, will be exploring a new realm of Indian classical music. About the show Vid said "Broadly, Indian classical music can be divided into Hindustani and Carnatic music, with Hindustani coming from the north and Carnatic from the south. Today’s show’s will be focused on northern Hindustani music. Indian classical music has a strong focus on improvisation. certain scale structures called raags/ragas are used as a framework to create these improvisations. The 24 hour day is split into 8 prahars (a Sanskrit term for unit of time), or 3 hour time slots. traditionally, within each time, certain ragas are prescribed to each time of day to maximise their full essence or effect. This tradition dates back to around 1000 years ago, where a travelling musician and sage called Narada wrote about the dangers of playing certain ragas at the wrong time. However, this is loosely practiced today. Seeing as this is a morning show, for this month, I’ll be selecting some ragas that would traditionally be played in the prahars of the morning. You’ll hear all sorts of instruments, such as sitar, vocals, shehnai, violin, sarod and the rabab, as well as old recordings from 1968 as well as ones from recent years." You can find the tracklist at -

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