Dominion Strength's Business Journey S18Ep6 - The Business Series

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This is the NEW interview with Dominion Strength Training. Niki talks to Blake & Katie about their journey as entrepeneurs as their business has grown and they’ve expanded the products they offer. You can follow Dominion Strength Training on Instagram.

Niki actually met Blake & Katie before Dominion Strength Training started, as they came to Atlanta Barbell to receive coaching. They were CrossFitters but learned to love strength training, and as they turned to purchase their belt they realized there was no high-quality belt they could get quickly.

Initially, they received equipment from overseas, but production and quality issues led them to realize that they could offer a better product with less problems if they built the belts themselves, so they began to build the belts themselves.

Because they control everything that goes into the belt, they create the highest quality belt on the market. They can ship the belts to you quickly because they don’t customize but rather have belts in stock that can be yours within days.

They have grown and offer more products now, including straps, different sizes and types of belts, and dip belts.

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