#84 Coconut Oil: Bariatric Weight Loss Benefit or Bull?

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If you do a quick Dr. Google search, health claims promise that coconut oil will burn your bariatric belly fat and alter fat levels in your blood. Let’s separate facts based on science from fiction based on nothing but hype in this episode of the Bariatric Surgery Success podcast..

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Here are the top things to know about coconut oil and what it can and can’t do for you in terms of weight. I talk in depth about:

  1. Coconut is a fruit, and the inside of the coconut is called the meat. Coconut oil is categorized into two main types - refined and virgin. I explain the difference and which is better and why.
  2. Science 101: understanding why coconut isn't the answer to your weight regain.
  3. Looking at MCT oil compared to coconut oil: the differences and why those differences matter for weight loss.
  4. Coconut oil stats
  5. Other oil choices with less saturated fat

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