#541 - NFL Awards Preview, Division Winner odds, and then it gets creepy!

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Here's what we talked about on today's show!

INTRO 00:00:00 Show starts 00:06:44 Shout out to the chat! (shat) 00:18:08 Today's Sports Headlines 00:40:00 Shoe Check! 00:44:45 MAJORE BOD NEWS - New schedule starts WEEK! 00:56:34 - My impression of a CPAP user 00:58:10 All about tequila with the worm in the bottle 01:07:50 TRY THE BOILING DRAGON! 01:11:20 A viewer suggested an intro for my mom's segment. IT SUUUUCKED! 01:33:50 Odds for NFL awards 01:41:33 NFL Division winner odds (updates) 01:46:48 Outro

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