Aaron Judge - his Yankees stock soars with 60 Home Runs

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Aaron Judge rules with 60th Home Run of the Season

Maris record at his fingertips

Pirates the game they almost won
Yankees Magic happened as some fans left the stand

Bottom of the 9th and down by 4 runs - what do you do a HR & an Ultimate Grand Slams

We walk through the bottom of the 9th

Giancarlo Stanton delivers the Ultimate Grand Slam

Michael Kessler the Ultimate Fan who caught Judge’s 60th Home Run

What would you do if you caught the ball

AL East Standings

American League Wild Card Standings
Seattle, Toronto & Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Rays swept at home in a 3 game series

Tampa Baseball Museum in Ybor showcases local talent – Lance McCullers Jr, Kyle Tucker, Pete Alonso & Al Lopez

Will the fate of Freddie Freeman be the model for Judge’s post season decisions

Chipper Jones foresaw Freddie’s future

Wes Singletary, baseball author, will be at Tampa Baseball Museum for book signing this Saturday
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