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Tim Neverett, Author of Covid Curveball & Los Angeles Dodgers Play-By-Play Radio & TV announcer. Tim takes us through his journey of the 2020 MLB Covid Season with the World Series Champions.

  • Covid first shut down in the middle of the PAC 12 Basketball Tournament
  • So many unknowns in the beginning
  • A couple of months in hibernation
  • Rick Monday takes up camp in a RV @ Dodger Stadium parking lot
  • Getting back to normal
  • Orel Hershieser & Tim calling the games in the booth without fans
  • Calling Away games with the lights off @ Dodger Stadium
  • Coyotes in the parking lot
  • Stadium protocols Temperatures taken & Covid testing
  • Tracking the ball on the all-9 monitor system
  • Funky Arizona Center Field with the Yellow Line of demarcation
  • Nothing happens until you say it does in radio
  • Relieved to be back on the road in 2022
  • Dodgers Announcers but feels free to remark on poor play
  • Testing positive in the middle of a double header
  • Dodgers director of travel one of the best in the business
  • Joe Kelly and his Red Sox history with the Astros
  • Joe Kelly Fight Club stickers everywhere
  • Alex Cora conversation with Tim about knowing what the Astros do
  • Talking Trash
  • Dusty Baker the great ambassador for baseball
  • Carlos Correa did not get a warm welcome @ Dodgers Stadium
  • Tim worked a couple of games for the Astros last year
  • Mookie Betts is a positive leader for the team
  • “Don’t Run on Mookie”
  • Dave Roberts & Game 5 with Clayton Kershaw
  • World Series Game 6 – Kevin Cash pulling Blake Snell turned the tide
  • Justin Turner removed from Game 6 due to Covid.
  • How would Turner’s Covid status impacted Game 7 taken place if Rays won Game 6?
  • 2022 MLB NLCS title?
  • Looks like Dodgers will skip Wild Card series
  • Expectations are high for 2022
  • Reggie (Tim’s dog) makes every day better
  • Orel Hershiser builds a bridge between 1988 to 2020 Dodgers World Series in the Forward to the book

Special Thanks to Tim Neverett, Author of "Covid Curveball" Tim can be found @TimNeverett on Twitter and you can hear him call play by play on Los Angeles Dodgers Play-By-Play Radio & TV
BaseballBiz is also on iheartradio, Stitcher, Apple & Google podcasts
You can reach Mark @TheBaseballBiz on Twitter & Brandon @SportsBlitzPod
Special thanks to XTaKeRuX for the music "Rocking Forward"

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