Backstage Preview: Aoife O'Donovan 2014 interview

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Welcome to a preview of BACKSTAGE: special bonus content for Basic Folk. You can gain access by contributing at
This month we’re celebrating our 150th episode with an in-depth interview with Aoife O’Donovan on Basic Folk! Recently, I’ve been spinning her records non-stop, especially her new album Age of Apathy: which is out now! It’s a great album, so go buy it and listen. I’m excited for you to hear our conversation on Basic Folk, which will be released this Thursday Jan 27, 2022.
Aoife’s an old friend from the Boston days and we’ve known each other for a long time, which makes her appearance on our 150th episode SO SPECIAL! To get ready, please join us Backstage and revisit an interview I did with Aoife O’Donovan in 2014 along with some personal reflection on what a lunatic year 2014 was for me.
Check out the entire interview, plus pictures of my insane 2014 at Gain access to exclusive special bonus content at
Thanks to WYEP for the use of the Aoife interview and to Ian Fox for producing this preview of Backstage.

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