Houston Texans Podcast: I Really Didn’t Want to lose to Zach Wilson (Texans-Jets Review)

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We’re still here. Others have left. Most have logged off. But we are still here. Talking, watching, reviewing, asking the tough questions, getting things on the record, and being the conduit to the fans. I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about Brandon K. Scott from Sports Radio 610, who joined Battle Red Radio to review this week’s loss to the New York Jets. Like all episodes for the last month, this one starts as a game review, and delves into long and over encompassing conversations over the future direction of the team.

Topics include: Justin Reid getting placed on the bench, the culture of the Houston Texans, Lovie Smith’s turnover forcing defense, which defensive players we’d like to see on the 2022 Houston Texans defense, Tytus Howard starting at left guard, him being unable to fight for his position at right tackle, Tim Kelly’s gameplan, and what idea there maybe for the next starting quarterback of the Houston Texans.

Let's start the show.

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