Houston Texans Podcast: Strolling into the 2022 NFL Offseason

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Everything has been ruined. The NFL ruined what was once perfect and square, and turned it into an oddly shaped nonsensical squiggle. 17 games. 18 weeks. More football that doesn’t need to exist. The Super Bowl pushed into Valentine’s Day. As a result, everything is squished together, into one mashed pile. Rather than have any time for reflection, to look back on what just occurred to learn about what just occurred, it’s time to look immediately to the next thing right away. It’s time for free agency, it’s time for the NFL Draft. Football is still rolling all the way into April.

On this episode of Battle Rad Radio, Mike Meltser joins Matt Weston to bridge the gap from the 2021 NFL regular season to the 2022 NFL offseason. Topics include: hating the Super Bowl, a quick series of 2021 related questions, how and why the Houston Texans got to Lovie Smith, what the expectations are for Smith, the newest Deshaun Watson trade partners, free agents that make sense for Houston, where we’re at with the third overall pick, and, of course, your beautiful listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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