Houston Texans Podcast: The Deep End of the Pool (Texans-Dolphins Review)

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The abyss, the bottom, the void, these terms are rocks that make up the Texans lexicon, for those of us who write, talk, watch, and love this football team. We get asked all the team, is this as bad as it can get, have we found the bottom, was this the worst game in a newest slew of terrible games, and I can ensure, we have not. Things can get better, but they also can always get worse, and for the Houston Texans they usually do. In a strange way, losing 19-7 after forcing five turnovers is a step in the right direction. It was fun. There were interesting things that happen. Houston playing Miami is a bridge to interesting and deeper conversations, where we reside, down in the depths, at the end of the pool, hoping we can reemerge to a reality that we used to have, when the football team was good while we loved the football team.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Mike Meltser joins Matt Weston to kind of review the Texans loss to the Miami Dolphins, before diving into a wide assortment of other topics. Topics include: David Culley’s future, what the point of this season is, the Laremy Tunsil trade, if there are cornerstone players on this roster, how Houston can pursue next year’s draft, the 2019 draft class, Deshaun Watson, Miami Dolphins players that we like, and, of course, your beautiful listener questions.

Let's start the show.

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